Eliminators. This is how you make a brilliantly entertaining film.

Thomas (played by Scott Adkins) must fight for his life and his daughters life when a home invasion goes wrong. Now on the run with his daughter’s life in jeopardy, a determined father must get her to safety before the people he’s been hiding from track him down and put paid to his once peaceful family life.

Where to start with this ‘review’ I’ll start by saying that there were 3 main reasons that I watched this film.

Reason 1 The cover looks cool Scott Adkins (who was great as a villain Marvels Doctor Strange and who I had seen in a really decent British film a few years back called Never Back Down (a,k,a, Green Street 3::Never Back Down as well as roles in action films such as The Expendables 2, and Hard Target 2.

Reason 2 Well the cover gave me the impression that the film was just what I needed this weekend. A simplistic plot with some fights and some gun battles. , a nice break from gritty dramas.

Reason 3 It turns out that the director of this film also happened to be one of the co-directors of a cracking Brit film that I’ve seen a few times called Tower Block (if you’ve not seen that one, then do check it out) The Director of Eliminators. Mr James Nunn who I am a fan of. Small world eh!

I have seen a lot of the work that James Nunn has done over the past couple of years, both as Director and also Assistant Director on such films as Screwed (featuring Noel Clarke) Cockneys V Zombies, and I Am Soldier. 3 great films that I have been fond of on the many viewings I have had of them. But for me. I really wanted to see what James Nunn would do with what looked like an action film.

My god is this film a glorious action film.. Its beautiful to look at and whilst I dont know (or really care) what the films budget was, whatever it was i bet it wasn’t anywhere near how expensive as this film looks.  The cinematography is gorgeous  and even what could have been the most simplistic of scenes such as a stalk and shoot in an office corridor is made to look wonderfully cinematic or even a fight scene between 2 guys and our ‘hero’ played by Scott Adkins) isn’t just a simple fight scene. Oh not at all. Its set in a moving cable car high above London… This film is slick, action packed but not just unemotional action, The characters in this film have enough depth that we either care about them (heroes and nice people) or we despise them just enough (the villains) Scott Adkins should need no introduction and if you do need to find out who this actor is. Treat yourself to some of his films (especially Eliminators) and sit back with your feet up and not only watch a great piece of filmmaking and storytelling, but but see just how talented some of the British directors can be (yes I mean you Mr James Nunn)

The supporting cast is also a wonderful addition to the film and the story. With such familiar names (and faces) as James Cosmo (Trainspotting), Ty Glaser (Hard Boiled Sweets), Mem Ferda ( Hard Tide) Sean Cronin (Witch, Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation), and Nick Nevern (The Sweenery) all along for this crazy ride which i figured would be a very simple plotted movie, thats not a bad thing.(quite the opposite)  The plot is perfect. It knows exactly what it needs to be and hits its mark 100%. Its as accurate as the hard hitting punches that are dished out by Scott Adkins in this film.  Its films like that that remind me why I love action orientated films.

The film not only is a wonderfully entertaining film but also continues the near perfect record for WWE Studios and with James Nunn’s next film being The Marine 5:Battleground. Im excited to see where this mans career is headed. Wishing him the very best!



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