Once Upon a Time At Christmas, A film by Paul Tanter

Starting off with a scene of what i can only describe as a very Christmassy version of Harley Quinn, I wasnt sure what sort of film I would get with Once Upon A Time At Christmas, the latest film by Paul Tanter whose work for me was more associated with crime films such as the White Collar Hooligan Trilogy and He Who Dares rather than horror films (although he did direct Shame The Devil which fits perfectly into the horror thriller genre)  Its 12 days before Christmas and Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause opt to go on a killing spree in Woodbridge, This aint no regular Christmas movie.

Once Upon A Time At Christmas is a lot of fun and doesnt take itself too seriously. Its also a fun reminder of some of the classic slasher films that most horror fans will have seen over the years such as April Fools Day, Happy Birthday To Me and even non holiday films like Chopping Mall where we meet a bunch of characters who we know the majority of, wont make it to the end credits (Im not saying if they do or do not, youll have to find that out for yourself)

Standout roles in the film of course go to Mrs Clause (played by Sayla de Goede ) and Mr Santa Clause (played by Simon Phillips) who are the Christmas Bonnie and Clyde or Mickey and Mallory

Paul Tanter again increases his game and delivers a fun film that is not just for Christmas but can be watched all the year round with a bucket of popcorn and the lights dimmed or turned off. and whilst I still do miss seeing a new Paul Tanter British Crime film coming into my watch pile, its always great to see something different from a filmmaker im a fan of. Once Upon A Time At Christmas delivered.



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