British Spotlight Director, Writer, Producer Mr Paul Tanter

In this second spotlight article,I hope that Mr Paul Tanter will forgive me when I say his name is not as well known to Joe or Josephine Public as the name of Mr Danny Dyer.

But that should take nothing away from anything at all. Paul Tanter is a name and one hell of a talent. Plus there are only a very small amount of ‘behind the camera’talent that are as well known as those who are in front of the camera.

Details arent as easy to come by about Paul Tanter as they are about Danny, but checking out Pauls IMDB Page youll see that his first credit was the screenplay for Jack Says in 2008.

jack says

Then onto the follow on (but actually a prequel) Jack Said a year later.

Returning in this film is Simon Phillips in the title role of Jack,with the added casting of the aforementioned Danny Dyer.

jack said

It was on the sets of these films that Paul first started to think about taking a role that gave him more control over his work and this led to Pauls first credited directorial role in the third part of the Jack series. 2011’s Jack Falls, a more stylish and glossier entry into the Simon Phillips starring series of films. Set after Jack Says. I finished this film wanting to see more of the character. I hope a fourth Jack film appears someday.

jack falls

Shifting away from 2011, the year after was a very busy and wonderful year for the fans of Paul Tanter as it saw three films shot that year.

First released was to me the definitive Paul Tanter film of 2012 and that film is The Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan, starring once again Simon Phillips and joining him in this British crime thriller is a face who was soon to appear in many more films from 2012. Mr Nick Nevern.

The Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan tells the tale of Mike (played by Nevern) who ends up involved with a gang of criminals involved in a credit card scam. Of course there is more to the film than that, but if you want to know what. Then the film is available on most formats (including Netflix)


The other films worked on in the year 2012 were The Hooligan Wars which I have yet to see but will be released in 2013, and also The Fall Of The Essex Boys (also released in 2013) which a few have wrongly shrugged off and said ‘that story has been done’ but once they say that you can instantly tell they havent seen the film.The Fall Of The Essex Boys might have been told in other films,but they have all been done in different ways, this film included. Reteaming with many of the people Paul worked with on Rise & Fall (Nick Nevern, Simon Phillips), This crime drama feels more epic than Pauls previous work and you can see how he is growing as a Director. Its always wonderful to see a Director or a Writer or anyone grown as they go from project to project. This in no ways takes anything away from their earlier works. Paul is one of those few directors who (in my opinion) hasnt done any bad work.


Most of this article talks about Pauls writing and his directing roles Delve deeper and you can look into his production credits which include the Nick Nevern starring, Simon Phillips directed GBH (previously called Riot) which was released on DVD in October 2012. Fantastic film with a great performance and one hell of a directing debut from Simon Phillips. But lets get back to Paul

From the wonderfully shot Sin City style graphic novel based Jack Falls to the grittier double headed of White Collar Hooligan & Fall Of The Essex Boys. Paul Tanter is a name to watch and a CV to work your way through. His talent shines through whether its a scene in a warehouse with one man talking to another while he is tied to a chair or  scenes of  hundreds of rioting extras.Paul and his crew work their magic for the viewers benefit.


2013 sees no let up for Paul, with his working hard attitude showing no sign of a let up, the credit of ‘Directed by Paul Tanter’ will be seen next in the follow-up to Rise & Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan in White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away.


What else is coming from Writer,Director,Producer Paul Tanter.Well wait and see,but youll love it.

For now though,here is the newly released trailer for WCH2:England Away

2013 also saw Paul reteaming again with Simon Phillips on the film He Who Dares

Co starring Ben Loyd-Holmes (Skyfall, Breaking Down, DaVincis Demons), Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton), and a host of other talents.




Part of me was very tempted to contact Paul Tanter and have his input into this ‘article’ but you know something. This isnt meant to be an interview. Its meant to be a typed up piece from a fan of film (me), from an admirer of the talent that goes behind such wonderful films as those I have mentioned here.

I hope that if Paul reads this  (in between his writing,producing, directing) that he would be happy with the words I have typed.

From me to anyone who reads this. I hope you enjoyed it.

From me to Paul Tanter. Thank you for all your hard work. Yours Sincerly. A Fan of your work (both written and directed)


@PaulTanter   on Twitter.

As this article is just about to be reposted by me. Paul Tanter has been busy (as always) shooting another wonderful sounding project. Titled “He Who Dares” an SAS thriller.

You can check out the Facebook page for the film at.

3 thoughts on “British Spotlight Director, Writer, Producer Mr Paul Tanter

  1. It breaks my heart thinkin bout the friends & loved ones that December think 3 days after my birthday they were shot. I blocked so much out (not so much Pat,) but Tony Gentleman took me under his wing & Craig bless his heart wasn’t a doppy as made out. I still suffer nightmares & post traumatic stress disorder from the late 80 early 90s n moved as was a ward of court it was high profile Essex old bill GUILTY sorry adta get it off me chest WHUTID COYI Tracy x


    • I suppose it is very easy for film fans to forget that some films are about real events and real people. We sometimes forget that and get all carried away with the film. Thanks for the comment….it is indeed appreciated Tracy


  2. Whilst I do of course sympathize with people going through issues such as payments or safety etc. The way that certain people are handling said issues is on one hand very unprofessional and on the other hand quite sad. To resort to the sort of hate and slander campaigns that I have seen spring up on many social networking sites over the past few weeks will help NOONE. If someone has an issue with a filmmaker due to finances, then deal with it through the law. Not resorting to hate campaigns Whilst I am of course not saying that you are responsible for any slander. I would only suggest that if you have been affected by the issues, then deal with them legally. If you havent been affected with them directly, then please do stop spreading those stupid links through reddit and such like. Paul and Simon are great film makers, excellent at what they do and its such a shame to see several people trying to rake them through the mud.


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