A Landscape Of Lies @Alolmovie

“What a way to start a day”; states Tess (played by Victoria Hopkins) in the opening moments of the film ‘A Landscape of Lies’ just after Brannigan (played by Danny Midwinter) has beaten someone near to death for failing to laugh at his joke (that we didn’t hear the beginning of). The start of my day was viewing ‘A Landscape of Lies’ a very ambitious film from writer/director Paul Knight (Thugs Mugs and Violence). Although the film is only being talked about on social media now, it’s important to remember that this film was shot around seven years ago [circa 2011] and has been a project that is fuelled by the determination of its cast and crew to finally receive the wonderful attention it deserves..

Straight off the bat we know that ‘A Landscape of Lies’ contains a lot of unlikeable people doing unlikeable things to whoever they choose to. This very ambitious tale of the after effects when the murder of a decorated war hero collides the lives of those connected with it; has a lot to like and a lot to appreciate. Whilst the making of the film does have its own highly interesting story (that you can research online if you wish) Director Paul Knight has done a fantastic job with what is rumoured to have been an £84,000 budget and with a wonderfully long cast list – as I’d mentioned before, this film is ambitious with its storytelling and characters.

It does suffer a little from the lower budget side of things and sadly those are things that can happen and do happen when filmmakers don’t have the chance to perfect what they want to perfect but can’t because of a funding issue. However I went into ‘A Landscape of Lies’ to be told an interesting story and most certainly was told just that in this multi-strand tale of betrayal and secrets with flashbacks and present day scenarios.

Whilst there are many stars in this film, among them Marc Bannerman (no relation to me that I know of) who even chucked himself from a moving vehicle in the filming of ‘A Landscape of Lies’ (Perhaps a career as a stuntman is pending for Mr B), there is also Anna Passey (TVs Sienna Blake from Hollyoaks), Danny Midwinter (Interview With A Hitman), Kelly George (TVs Grange Hill) and many more recognisable faces from TV shows such as ‘Dream Team’, ‘Footballers Wives’ & ‘Coronation Street’, the most notable being TV ‘Loose Women’ presenter Andrea McLean in her acting debut role (which she recently won the ‘Best Actress’ award for beating out fellow Scottish actress Karen Gillian). However the main star for me is Paul Knight himself, who created a great script and story, directed and eventually had to re-edit the entire movie to get it ready to present to the public despite the nightmare media circus created by the producers behind the film and their criminal antics that made worldwide news. Those same convicted producers are no longer connected to this film. ‘A Landscape Of Lies’ is most definitely worth watching on all levels, for its story, its cast, its completion and for the hard work of all those involved in bringing this labour of love to reality in the face of the behind the scenes battle. I often use the hashtag and ‘A Landscape of Lies’ is most definitely deserving of support. You’ll notice that I haven’t delved into the plot points of story beats of ‘A Landscape Of Lies’ and that my friend is most definitely on purpose as with the film being a story driven film and not one driven by action set pieces then why on earth would you need to watch the film If I blurted out where the film was headed and what happened in it. Do as I did and seek the film out and watch it for yourself.



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