Impulsive , a short film by Phil Whitehead. ( @Impulsive2016 ) written by Adam Probets ( @probets69 ) #supportindiefilm

Directed by Phil Whitehead, ‘Impulsive’ is a wonderful short film that I had the pleasure of watching a day or so ago. Running only 11 minutes, Im always so impressed with the majority of short films, not only because they manage to tell a story in a running time just over a couple of music videos, but also usually because short films are created as a labour of love by the cast and crew. ‘Impulsive’ is definitely one of those short films. After the accidental death of his brother indirectly, two of his best mates organise the annual ‘lads’ camping trip however, things don’t quite go to plan. An unexpected is looming in the dark and a serious event stirs the night up. That’s the set up for this UK filmed story, featuring Adam Probets ( Five Pillars),  Ian Mark King and David Anthony Cross in their film debuts.


Whilst I could go into the storyline of the film a little more, I feel that to do this would ruin or at least potentially ruin the aim of the film. Writer/Producer Adam Probets set about helping create this film for a reason, and its a very good reason and after you watch this film, then head over to Twitter and find out what that reason is.  For me films need to do one of two things (both if they are effective) They need to entertain me, or they need to educate me, and whilst I feel that Impulsive educated me more, thats not to say that watching the performances of the cast and watching the story unfold isnt entertaining. It is, and I commend all the cast and crew for a wonderful job and a  productive step (I hope) to do what they want to do.

Now stop reading my words and click on the video above and treat yourself to the wonderful 11 minute film ‘Impulsive’


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