The mystery of Adam Spink’s ‘Like Glass’ is unveiled starring Emily Trappen (@EmilyTrappen) ( @adspads )

‘Like Glass’, a short film from a screenplay by Theresa Hedges, and directed by Adam Spinks is now out in the world for all to see and what a lovely mysterious treat it is. The 14 minute short film might not give you all the answers you need by the time the end credits roll, but is yet another short film that deserves to be viewed, and certainly thought about. Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, ‘Like Glass’ begins with a young woman, waking in a forest, blood on her face, pieces of glass in her hair. Who is she? What is she doing there? and what happened? Some of those questions will be answered but all of them leave you craving the answers in this mini movie from the director of ‘Spaceman’, and ‘Imagineer’. Actor Emily Trappen gives a wonderful haunting performance as ‘Kira’ (the mystery girl in the woods) and plays the almost silent role beautifully.  The film (whist a short film) does leave you wanting to know more about Kira, and her life and thats a credit to the cast and crew and of course to Emily herself in holding the audiences attention for entire films duraction.

Check out the film in the link below. Great work Adam, Emily and all the rest of the crew that helped ‘Like Glass’ into the world. Thanks for sharing it with me and us.


Like Glass

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