Amy by Asif Kapadia

Ill start by mentioning that I was never really a fan of the songs Amy Winehouse released. That’s not to say I don’t realize just how much of an amazing voice she was blessed with, just that I never listened to her CD’s, never watched a concert and would be lucky to name at least two tracks she created.

However I am a fan of film, and this year seemed to watch more documentaries than I have watched in previous years. Maybe that’s because I am trying to construct my own documentary film, or perhaps its because now and again I like to take a break from watching fiction films. Who knows. Who cares really.

This evening I watched the latest documentary directed by Asif Kapadia whose previous feature length project ‘Senna’ really took the world by storm on its release. ‘Amy’ a two hour plus documentary put together using archival footage of the late singer Amy Winehouse, who tragically died aged 23 after a rollercoaster career in jazz music.


To go into the ‘plot’ of not only Amy’s life but also Asif’s documentary would do ‘Amy’ a disservice. This needs to be seen and heard and makes you not only realise how talented the girl was (if you didn’t already know), but also how tragic a life in the spotlight can be.


Taking you back to the beginning, and taking you through to the tragic end is a wonderful (for the most) journey using audio recordings of her friends, her colleagues, and her family. Building up what perhaps is the best picture possible of someones life. Of course its hard to tell just how accurate ‘Amy’ is, unless you knew her (I didn’t) but it makes her out to be talented, tragic, wonderful and caring.

It also makes you realize just how intrusive some aspects of the media can be with scenes of camera flashbulbs going off like fireworks in November at the site of Amy leaving her house, walking down the street or even just getting in and out of a car.


There are also some wonderful behind the scenes footage of her with her real life friends, smiling, laughing and joking around. Reminding you that the Amy Winehouse you think you know, isnt the real Amy Winehouse.

As the month of November draws to a close and the final month of 2015 nears.

‘Amy’ enters the top 10 films of the year as far as I am concerned.

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