Asif Kapadia scores another brilliant goal with his doc focusing on Diego Maradona ( @asifkapadia )

Filmmaker Asif Kapadia scores yet another goal in my eyes with his latest feature documentary focusing on footballing legend Diego Maradona. Brilliantly constructed from hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, the 2 hour documentary centres on the years that Diego played for Naples but also takes us on a journey through Diegos early years and some of the key events in his life. I have never been a fan of football, and yet Asif ,as he did with Senna (the feature documentary about Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna), and Amy  (the documentary about musician Amy Winehouse) doesnt need you to know everything about the subjects of his films. You dont have to love football, or Forumula 1, or be famliar with the album tracks of Amy Winehouse to appreciated and love the documentaries Asif puts together. You get all you need to know during the running times of the films.

There is so much praise I can pile onto Diego Maradona, its brilliance (as with Senna and Amy) you tend to forget that you arent watching footage that was shot for the purpose of this film, but are watching 100% archival footage, lovingly put together and building up all the story details that you need in order to be told the story that matters. For those who think you know everything you need to know about Diego Maradona (great footballer, fall from grace, hand of god) think again. Diego Maradona is both inspirational and heartbreaking and will breathe a whole new dimension into what you think you know about the man who commanded a football better than anyone else.

So as the year nearly comes to a close, and my Top 10 film list is complete. I have to adjust it a little as Diego Maradona runs into that list and currently is my favourite documentary of the year and Asif Kapadia scores another goal with a great piece of filmmaking.

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