Christopher Nolan talks Interstellar sound issues.

Whilst I havent yet seen the latest Christopher Nolan film ‘Interstellar’  I have listened to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of reviews for the film. There seems to have been a high level of chatter about dodgy sound issues (especially on IMAX versions of the film) People chatting about how a lot of the dialogue isnt audible and the score by Hans Zimmer makes your ears fall off. Whilst people moaning about films is nothing new, it is unusual for so many people to be complaining about technical issues for a motion picture.


Until now Christopher Nolan has been somewhat silent on this issue. Im sure hes been busy travelling the universe promotion the space epic. But now he has talked with The Hollywood Reporter about the supposed sound problems for the film.

I’ve always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it’s the right approach for this experiential film,” Christopher Nolan said,

He then went onto tell The Hollywood Reporter that “Many of the filmmakers I’ve admired over the years have used sound in bold and adventurous ways. I don’t agree with the idea that you can only achieve clarity through dialogue. Clarity of story, clarity of emotions—I  try to achieve that in a very layered way using all the different things at my disposal—picture and sound.”


Christopher Nolan goes into far more depth about his process for the film (including its sound) over on his 26 minute interview with The Hollywood Reporter. You can find that interview HERE

Did you experience any sound issues whilst watching Interstellar?


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