Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ reveals trailer via #Fortnite ( #tenet )

In this age of knowing pretty much everything about a film before it hits the screens, its really refreshing and also unusual to know very little about a film, even after the trailer has been viewed.. It reminds me of my younger years, lining up outside the movie theatre (which I havent done in a while) and wondering what story will unfold before my eyes and in my ears once the lights go down.

That film is Tenet , directed by Christopher Nolan and a new trailer debuted on Thursday within the game of Fortnite. Though the trailer for the time-bending Christopher Nolan film didnt include a release date, the bio for the film’s Twitter page does currently include the July 17th 2020 date after it disappeared earlier on Thursday.  Hopefully the film will stick to its release date, but safety comes first and whether the film comes out on its July 17th date or it doesnt. This doesnt stop the film from being one of the most anticipated films of the year (and at the minute, It seems to be one of the only films coming out on the big screen this year)

With the marketing for Tenet being super quiet since the first trailer dropped in December 2019 On Wednesday, Tenet came back to life with a out of nowhere TV spot, followed by the trailer on Thursday which you can see here.



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