Operator: by Caroline Bartleet and Rebecca Morgan

Lets hear about a project by Caroline Bartleet and Rebecca Morgan, filmmakers based in London, UK.

They are currently fundraising for a short film they are putting together called ‘Operator’

With 24 days remaining (as of writing this on July 29th 2014) and the project was brought to my attention so I now bring it to your attention.

So what is Operator?

Well Operator takes us into the world of an Emergency Services Operator in a Fire Control Room who has just started a long night shift. She picks up a call from a desperate young mother.

An hour previously, Gemma had fallen asleep in front of the television and has now woken to find the room full of smoke.

Her three year old son is asleep upstairs. Flames have started to creep down the stairs that Gemma must use in order to reach her son. The operator’s guidance is all that Gemma can rely on to help her survive.

Where did the idea come from?

‘Operator’ is based on a real 999 emergency call. The recording is intensely frightening, and the filmmakers were immediately struck by the powerful drama of the story. Research has shown them again and again what a difficult job the Emergency Services operators do, and they wanted to create a script to reflect this.

Operator is the story of two women, whose lives connect over extraordinary circumstances during a seven-minute phone call.

Whos plays the ‘Operator’?

Kate Dickie 


Kate is probably best known for playing Lysa Arryn in GAME OF THRONES.

Kate’s film credits include PROMETHEUS, FILTH, FOR THOSE IN PERIL and RED ROAD for which she won numerous awards including Best Actress at both BIFA and BAFTA Scotland in 2006.

Her television credits include DIVE, GARROW’S LAW and FIVE DAUGHTERS.


Who plays Gemma?

Vicky McClure 


Vicky is perhaps best known for playing Lol in THIS IS ENGLAND and the TV series THIS IS ENGLAND ’86 and THIS IS ENGLAND ’88 that followed.

In 2011 she won Best Actress at the BAFTA Television Awards for her role as Lol. Vicky’s other television credits include BROADCHURCH, TRUE LOVE and LINE OF DUTY. Her film credits include FILTH & WISDOM, ANNA KARENINA and SVENGALI.

There are also crew members working their magic behind the scenes. All working very hard to bring ‘Operator’ to our screens.

Checking out their Kickstarter page, 57 people have already helped by donating some money to the project.

Whilst the pledges can be as large as you want, they can also be as little as £1. Various perks are available for you to get for yourself, or even better is when you buy a perk as a gift for a friend. Imagine that. Buying your friend or partner a credit in a film or a signed script . The ultimate gift.

Do check out their kickstarter page have a look around. Also if you can share this article, if you cant spare any money then sharing this page might place it in the lap of someone who can help the film.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading.

Here is the link for their fundraising page CLICK HERE 



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