British Film: The Crew (2008)

Next week I am going to be visiting the city of Liverpool to see Hope, a theatrical production created by and also starring Scot Williams

I thought id spend today up on some films starring Scot, that I hadnt gotten around to seeing. First of all was The Crew, a film that I purchased a couple of weeks ago on DVD during a trip to Manchester.

the crew

The Crew is a crime drama set in modern day Liverpool and follows several characters as they try to work their way up and around the crime world.

Drug deals, smack heads, hijacks and machetes.

I have to say that whilst I did enjoy this film some of the scenes are pretty harsh indeed and this film does deserve its 18 certificate.

Its brutal when it needs to and it does it well.

However. Yes, however and its not often a film review from me has a however.

The film did feel like two worlds. The scenes and the acting by Scot Williams were top notch and 100%. He really does shine in this film from 2008. Its easy to see that Scot has a brilliant future ahead. His present is pretty damn impressive also.

The scenes involving some (not all) of the other characters though seem a little out of place when compared to the Scot Williams storyline.They seem seedier, they seem more weird to use a word . Strong sex scenes arent something that makes me squeamish but there are a few in this film that seem a bit out of place  in what could have been a perfect crime drama.

Thats not to say this film isn’t a good film.Its not to say there’s anything really wrong with this film or that you shouldn’t watch it    But just take note. Its most definitely an 18 certificate.

I would recommend watching it as a Scot Williams double bill alongside another wonderful he appeared in.

Hard Boiled Sweets Trailer.


The Crew Trailer.


For more about Scot Williams. Check out his website over at.


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