Viewing Life & Lyrics starring @Ashleywalters82 @jasonmaza @catsimmons

In 2002 Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem starred in a semi biographical film called 8Mile.

Now let me first say that I was not a fan of Eminem, and most definitely not a fan of rap music so this film had no interest for me. The only selling point for me was the film was directed by Curtis Hanson whos work I was a fan of.

Six months after the film was theatrically released, I decided to give it a go, watch it once. At least id never have to watch it again.

The film worked and became one of my favorite films of 2002. To this day I still have the DVD in my collection and have watched it many times over the past 11 years.

Have I become a devout follower of rap music or Eminem, well no, but Im a huge fan of his work in 8Mile.

This is where Life & Lyrics comes in. Made in 2006, Directed by Richard Laxton and written by Ken Williams (in his only writing credit on the IMDB) the film tells the story of  DJs from South London battling with each other for supremacy in the DJ world. Things get more complicated when one member falls for another member from the rival crew.


Where this film works in the same way 8 Mile worked is for me the film isnt all about the music. Again I will remind you that I am still not a fan of rap music (to the point that the music in this film might even be a totally new genre of music whos name I dont even know) But the film works perfectly.

The selling point on this film for me is Ashley Walters. Actor and previous member of So Solid Crew.



Ashley first popped onto my radar in 2004 with the fantastic Bullet Boy and looking over his work CV he has some stunning performances in great projects to his name.

You can check out his IMDB listing to see how many of them you have seen but for now Id rate Five Days, Sket, Top Boy, St Georges Day and Life & Lyrics as my favourite roles.

With 53 performances credited on his IMDB listing for a 30 year old guy. This dude works HARD .

Life & Lyrics Im sure is a perfect role for Ashley because of his music background but in the years after this film, he branched away from this to play far more dramatic roles, distances from that of a musical talent.

Backing up Ashley Walters in this film are a host of British talents including the great Jason Maza, who is in so many films that I have seen lately including Welcome to the Punch,Victim, The Knot Truth or Dare and the up and coming The Hooligan Factory (directed by Nick ‘GBH’ Nevern)

Life & Lyrics also stars Cat Simmons who comes from mostly TV appearances but long term appearances in well established shows like The Bill & Doctors)

Alexis Rodney who has just finished shooting a role in the up and coming Kick Ass 2, and Vendetta but who I also know from All In The Game, Buffalo Soldiers and Goodbye Charlie Bright.


This film is very well put together but I suppose the best praise I can give it is praise that I have already stated. You dont have to be a fan of the music to be a fan of the film. The music is the setting but the wonderful thing about this film is that the characters and the writing and the acting shine above the music.

I will be honest and confess that until a few days ago I hadnt even heard of this film. I saw it in the shop. Took a chance on it and am glad I did. Its definitely an enjoyable film. I took a chance on it, now its your turn.

Here is the trailer for you to see but remember. IF you dont like the music, doesnt mean  you wont like the film.



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