Clint Eastwood continues to shine in The Mule ( @WarnerBrosUK ) #movies

I seem to recall back in 2008 when the release of the film Gran Turino was approaching that this would be the last appearance onscreen of the legendary Clint Eastwood. It was a strange feeling to watch that film (which is fantastic by the way) knowing that were unlikely to get another new screen appearance by the man himself, even though he would still be directing films for us to see, we wouldnt get to see any new characters from the mans whos career has spanned more decades than Ive been around. ( Clints first appearance onscreen was in 1955, long before I arrived on Earth.) Thankfully though Clint broke that decision and whilst he has only appeared in two other films since then (2012’s Trouble With The Curve) & The Mule. Okay yes so he was in the audience in a scene in American Sniper but that is merely just a cameo and not a main role for Clint) It is still wonderful to see a film starring Clint Eastwood on the screens again and his role in The Mule fits him perfectly.

Clint plays Earl Stone, a man who is broke a man who is alone having fallen to the wayside of his family several years before and who is facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that quite simply just needs him to drive from Point A to Point B. Plain and simple yes? Earl very naively says yes to the job which offers a decent payout and quickly becomes one of the main drug couriers for a Mexican Drug Cartel.

I wont go into more details on the plot and will go straight into my thoughts on this film. Its lovely! Clint is great (as always) and makes acting look like its the easiest thing in the world, the supporting cast is filled out wonderfully too with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne,Michael Pena, and Alison Eastwood (Daughter of Clint,, playing his daughter in the film) As always with the films directed by Clint Eastwood, the film looks glorious and takes full advantage of its locations without overshadowing what the film truly is about. The characters and the story. Within minutes I knew that I was watching something special and the film has already leapt onto my ‘films of the year’ list

Dont be fooled into thinking that Clint is looking super frail and showing his age either. I watched the 10 minute making of, which is also on the DVD and Clint is far from frail and still peas out of chairs like a kangaroo (according to co star Bradley Cooper) Clint once again proves that he deserves the title of legend and once again shows why his career has never faltered over the years (well other than perhaps Pink Cadillac)


The Mule is available now on DVD, Digital, Bluray and 4k Bluray


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