Jen and Sylvia Soska head to ‘Festival of the Living Dead’ with Tubi this Fall. ( @Tubi @twisted_twins )

I wonder if back when, back before Jen and Sylvia became filmmakers, before the days of Dead Hooker In A Trunk, that they sat around dreaming of the day they would become filmmakers and be able to make cinematic love letters to their favourite filmmakers.  I imagine they did dream,  But I also imagine that they weren’t just dreams. I imagine they were plans and its been fantastic to watch the twins over the years go from strength to strength with any project they put their minds to, whether its the bonkers aforementioned Dead Hooker In A Trunk (which is fantastic by the way if you haven’t seen it)  to American Mary, though See No Evil 2, to 2019’s Rabid, which whilst a remake (of sorts) to the 1977 David Cronenberg film, its also a film of its own works great as a double ill along with the 77 film (trust me- I have doubled billed both films)    Having also had the pleasure of meeting both Jen and Sylvia Soska, they are filled with so much enthusiasm at what they do, that I have no doubt they could and would tackle any project that came their way and so It was great earlier this week to see that they have now announced Festival of The Dead.  

Joining forces with Tub,i Jen & Sylvia Soska are bringing us a new horror movie based on George Romero’s classic zombie film and from a script by Helen Marsh and Miriam Lyapin. Ashley Moore (I Know What You Did Last Summer),  Camren Bicondova (Gotham), Andre Anthony (The Night Agent), Christian Rose (Debris), Shiloh O’Reilly (The Haunted Museum), Gage Marsh (You Me Her), Keana Lyn Bastidas (The Hardy Boys) and Maia Jae Bastidas (Rabbit Hole) are just some of the names in the tale that is set over 50 years since Romero’s Night of the Living Dead’s unleashed itself on the world and during the Festival of the Living Dead, radioactive space dust sprays down on the event and the festival goers must defend themselves or be devoured by the living dead.  (and knowing the Soska’s love for the horror genre, Im pretty sure it wont be a case of everyone escaping the carnage and making it home safely)

Are you ready for Festival Of the Dead. I sure am!  I am also eagerly awaiting the UK release of On the Edge so its going to be a great year.  Festival of the Dead expected to land on  Tubi this Fall (or Autumn if you are in the UK)


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