True Crime series The Never Ending Murder streaming on Prime Video 17th May 2023

The Never Ending Murder delves into the tragic case of teen mother, Nicola Payne, who at 18 years old went missing and was never heard from again. This limited series tells the extraordinary story through gripping first-hand testimony from Nicola’s heartbroken family, alongside witnesses and the lead police detectives who carried out the investigation – still one of Britain’s longest unsolved murder cases.

The series examines all the evidence, highlights key failings in the original work of the police and uncovers shocking, new revelations. Will this documentary be the springboard to solving this 30-year investigation once and for all? The Never Ending Murder is directed by Mark Radice (Secrets of the Dead)produced by Venita Kidza (A Brush with Comedy) and production managed by Mel Rainbow. Executive Producers are Sheldon Lazarus, Nicola Pearcey, Leo Pearlman and Kevin Proctor.

The Never Ending Murder streaming on Prime Video 17th May

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