From a story by Devanny Pinn and Director Brandon Slagle comes Breakout, an action packed prison thriller out now from Uncork’d Entertainment ( @uncorkdent @brandonslagle @DevannyPinn )

Out now on DVD and Digital through  Uncork’d Entertainment is Breakout. a cracker of a prison thriller/action/ everything film from director  Brandon Slagle ( Battle for Saipan)  As per usual. I like to go into a film not knowing too much about it and let the film do its thing.  Breakout delivered an action packed thriller which has so much going for it that its difficult to know where to start.  Breakout starts off with a crime gone wrong which results in the death of an undercover policeman which then results in Vincent(played by Kristos Andrews)  headed off to a jail term in a maximum security prison.  When his estranged father Alex (played by Louis Mandylor) visits his son, you can either go with Alex being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or being in the right place at the time time, as a prison takeover and riot begins, led by the super chilling Max Chandler (played by Sleepwalkers Brian Krause) .

I had a blast watching this film and for me there are many highlights for this film. it features Tom Sizemore, and any film featuring Sizemore is always worth watching in my opinion. Brian Krause is wonderful and creepy in the role of the head honcho and lunatic in this prison world.  the fight scenes (and there are many) are really well handled (no pun intended) and look great and the hits look like they hurt!  I’ve seen Louis Mandylor in a few films over the past few months (such as the Battle for Saigon, Renegades, and Rambo Last Blood) and I to think that this is his best action work.   the story of the film is also great. yes we have seen prison films before, and even seen prison riot movies before but Breakout was so far away from a predictable story, that this too was one of my highlights of Breakout. Great work Devanny Pinn (who came up with the story)  this is yet another feather in the directing cap of Brandon Sagle and I look forward to what he is working on next (spoiler! its either Arena Wars or The Flood that’s coming next) 

So if you want a nice lean near 90 minute action film thats well made, wonderful choreography, and enough bullets to fill 100 magazines. Then I do highly recommend Breakout! 

Directed by Brandon Slagle

Written by Robert Thompson and Brandon Slagle from a story by Devanny Pinn

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