I love what I do, and I try to do what I love. I often hear podcasters, website hosts, and such like (to which I am both) talking about raising funds to pay for their sites or shows and whilst I know just how much it costs me (or rather how much it doesn’t cost me) to do what I do so I don’t have a Patreon page or one of those buy me a coffee pages. However any funding I do manage to find does go awards films, events, travel to events, upgrading camera equipment and such like So as I’m sure you do too. Ill always find use for some spare change.  So I have this Tip Jar Page.   I dont really need anything at the moment so please don’t feel obligated to chuck anything in the jar but if you think I’m doing a good job or want to help me out by chucking a few coins into the Tip Jar, that would be wonderful! Ill keep up the good work and I hope you do too!

Tip Jar Link HERE