V Channels and Sandaled Kid Productions partner to finance, producer and distribute slate of 10 genre film

V Channels, the world leader in on-demand entertainment founded by Niccolo Messina, and Sandaled Kid Productions, headed by director and filmmaker James Cullen Bressack have formed a partnership to finance, produce and distribute a slate of ten micro budgeted feature-length genre films from a group of emerging international filmmakers. V Channels will fully finance the ten features, with Sandaled Kid handing the curation of the titles and overseeing production. Under the deal, the slate of films will be released on V Channel’s extensive network of YouTube movie channels and platforms, as well as outside distributors including theatrical and streaming.

Production is currently underway on the first film in the partnership is WASHERWOMAN, directed by Bonnie Jean Tyer, and starring Katie Lynn Stoddard, Bonnie Jean Tyer, Travis Cox, Loren Hayes and Justin Hankinson. The film is produced by Tyer, Stoddard, Hankinson and Craig Ouellette, and executive produced by James Cullen Bessack, Mario Niccola Messina and Valentina Cau.  In the film, an abandoned pregnant woman is expecting soon, and to find a midwife she’ll need to trespass in a deadly grieving mother’s forest.
Sandaled Kid Productions was founded in 2020 by Bressack. He has produced and directed a number of feature films for a variety of studios and distributors, including the recent DARKNESS OF MAN, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, HOT SEAT with Mel Gibson and Kevin Dillon, and FORTRESS with Bruce Willis.  

V Channels is the largest network of YouTube movie channels with over 250,000,000 movies streamed every month around the globe across five different languages. With a massive dubbing of 100 titles a month in Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, and Bahasa, V Channels has brought many independent movies to new and never explored markets for the independent movie industry.
V Channels most recently signed a deal with Rustic Pictures and XYZ Films to incubate, finance, produce and distribute a slate of ten micro budget, data driven, feature length genre films from a group of diverse filmmakers from around the world. V Channels is fully financing the ten features, with Rustic Films spearheading the curation and overseeing production of the slate. XYZ Films is serving as Executive Producers and will help with the curation, and also help facilitate premium sales and distribution for some of the films to be determined after completion. 
“With this slate, we are looking to create fun microbudget horror films from interesting creators around the world. Bringing a platform and exposure to talented DIY filmmakers. I’m very passionate about this as I started my career at the age of 18 with my own microbudget horror film so it’s great to be able to give back with the type opportunity that jump started my career. Nic has created such a special situation for new filmmakers!” said Bressack.
 “I am very excited to partner with James on this slate of films.  The concept is very simple, we are coming into this space to support emerging talent with visibility, funding and mentorship from industry people, in this case James and his team at Sandaled Kid Productions. This community is very important to me and we are looking forward to getting these projects out to audiences worldwide!” said V Channel’s CEO Niccolo Messina.

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