The Adventures of Jurassic Pet 2: The Lost Secret’ gets UK premiere 8th of May from 101 Films ( @101FilmsUK )

Take a walk on the wild side with The Adventures of Jurassic Pet 2: The Lost Secret, an unforgettable pre-historic journey for the whole family to enjoy. This hilarious, magic-filled, thrilling and hugely entertaining feature is set to arrive on UK digital this May courtesy of 101 Films.

From directors Ryan Bellgardt and Chris Hoyt, this superb sequel to The Adventures of Jurassic Pet: Chapter 1 takes viewers on a wild ride through time, where they will encounter some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever roamed the earth.

Adventurous teenager Wendy (Sophie Proctor – Ghoster) and her wise Grandmother are the protectors of a magical portal to the land of dinosaurs that they can visit just once a month. But after one such visit, Wendy winds up getting more than she bargained for when a baby dinosaur named Junior follows them home…

Tasked with keeping Junior safe until the portal can open again, Wendy and her friend Curtis (Myles Currin-Moore – Booklyn Kid) must keep a watchful eye, but if only it was that simple… When they accidentally stumble into an evil group of criminals with a dastardly plan, it’s up to Wendy, Curtis and their dino-pal to work as a team to save the city and get Junior home.

Full of wonder, The Adventures of Jurassic Pet 2: The Lost Secret promises to charm and captivate audiences of all ages.

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