Unbillievable The Movie, a film made by and for Buffalo Football fans (but not just those fans) Crowdfunding until Feb 21st 2023 ( @UNBILLIEVABLE ) #supportindiefilm

UNBILLIEVABLE  which is currently crowdfunding in Indiegogo tells the hilarious story of three generations of Buffalo football fans all in one family, and one member’s obsession with stopping the Curse  (yikes the dreaded curse word) that’s denied his beloved team a world championship.

Apparently this will be the first film entirely about Buffalo football fans and of course me being from the UK, I know virtually nothing about the sport but hey. this isnt all about me is it! , The film is being created by Buffalo football fans, funded with the support of the fans too and the team behind the film are planning on shooting the film as soon as March 2023 but they need your help and you can do that HERE 

I may not know too much about the sport, but some of the names behind this film, I do know.

Scott Rubin ( Co-Director, Producer, Screenwriter 0 and who i know from his work at the National Lampoon magazine for many years and Gregory Lamberson who is a super nice guy and a great filmmaker too. I recently watched his film Guns Of Eden, and if you havent seen that, then do check it out. Its a blast (pun intended). Anyways enough from me. I would love you to head over to the films Indiegogo page HERE, have a look around donate if you can, and if you arent in a position to be able to donate, then share their page and hopefully itll land on the screens of someone that can donate. Every penny or dollar helps (and lots of pennies, pounds, and dollars will help more)

What would happen to the City of Buffalo if its favorite football team ever won the Superbowl? That’s the premise of Unbillievable!, a new comedy film in pre-production by three local filmmakers. Screenwriter Scott Rubin, his co-director J. Garrett Vorreuter, and their co-producer, Gregory Lamberson, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com to raise production funds. They seek to raise a minimum of $36,000, but hope to raise more, with just three weeks to do it: the campaign ends Tuesday, February 21st.

“I decided to write the script because I’m a lifelong Bills fan and I’m losing my mind,” says Scott Rubin, who served as the Editor-in-Chief of National Lampoon for 10 years. “How many times can your heart be broken as a sports fan? With the Bills, it seems endless. There has to be a way out of this, and if they can’t win a world championship in the real world, at least I can try to make them win in the movie world.” 

Scott’s screenplay centers on the Rubinski family: three generations of die-hard Buffalo football fans who gather under one roof on a chaotic Superbowl Sunday. Rubin will play Danny Rubinski, a man who has spent 10 years making a documentary about “the Curse of the Bills,” only to conclude he is the source of the team’s misfortunes.

“I realized that so much of the story is about us, the fans,” Rubin says. “Players come and go, but we’re still here. I’ve been a fan since 1964! It turns out that we’re actually much more interesting, at this point, than the actual football team: How we survive as fans, year after year; our interesting quirks and coping mechanisms that make us come back the next season even more committed and insane.”

Unlike Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66, which mocked Bills fans, Unbillievable! will treat its characters in a sympathetic light, which Vorreuter sees as essential. “From the very beginning I felt this movie was going to be a hit with its target audience because its genesis was created from being a part of that audience.  Nothing brings us more satisfaction than creating a film that authentically represents the city it’s set in.”

The filmmakers hope to begin shooting at the end of February so they can capture snow. This means they have a tight window within which to run their campaign: just 21 days. They need to raise a minimum of $36,000, although they hope to raise more. Lamberson raised almost $100,000 for his previous film, Guns of Eden, on Indiegogo.

“Even an independent film like ours costs real money to make,” the veteran filmmaker says, “so we’re turning to the greatest fan base in the world to support this project. Our appeal is this: contribute to our campaign and receive some really cool reward perks that celebrate this special fandom with the same affection our film will.”

Those reward perks include, among others, a digital download of the finished film; special thanks in the credits; a T-shirt silkscreened at the Johnnie B. Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion, aka the Rockpile, birthplace of the Bills; a Limited Edition poster featuring contributors’ names; video testimonials; acting roles; and various producer roles.

UNBILLIEVBLE Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/Unbillievable/x/31558907#/

UNBILLIEVABLE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089180599016

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