Taking a trip to ‘Bermuda Island’, Directed by Adam Werth. Now on VOD and DVD from Gravitas Ventures ( @GravitasVOD )

From Director Adam Werth ( Ranchers Kin, and the upcoming Alien Storm) and from a story by Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal, with the screenplay by Robert Thompson  comes Bermuda Island, a fun bonkers tale of a group of flight passengers whose flight to Puerto Rico runs into a mid air storm and crashes next to ‘Bermuda Island’ Once on shore, the great mix of characters must fight to get along, fight to survive and fight to avoid..the something on the island. Part air disaster film, part  ‘Lost’ and part creature feature. Bermuda Island is a fun popcorn film that will keep you very entertained for its runtime. Whilst the ‘hook’ of the film might be the ‘something’ that’s on the island, for me the key for this film other than the beautiful scenery is the great set of characters that are on screen. There is something to like and dislike for everyone! There are also so many faces that I recognised in the film too such as Sarah French (Bridge of the Damned, which I watched recently). Its also a bit of a reunion from the Michael Su directed film Night of the Tommyknockers as Bermuda Island features Sheri Davis, Victor V Gelsomino,Wesley Cannon, Dane Bingenheimer, Bill Victor Arucan and Tom Sizemore who featured in that monster western (which I did review here )

Whilst Tom Sizemore is the most household known name in the film, Bermuda Island doesn’t really have a main character or star, the film is definitely an ensemble effort and it works really well because of that. All bets are off as to who will be there by the end credits. Will anyone be alive by the end credits? Well I’m not about to share the answer to that question. You’ll have to watch Bermuda Island yourself to find out.

  In a world of IP’s and franchises, my love for standalone 90 minute feature films that tell a single story has grown and I think will continue to do so (that’s not me saying I’m not stupidly excited for Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1, or John Wick IV)  but there is something about 1 story (that I dont already know too much about) being told over 1 film that I find more enjoyable at the moment. Over the past few weeks and months I’ve seen quite a few films by Bermuda Island producers Sonny Mahal and Michael Mahal and whilst I of course don’t know the budgets, shooting schedules etc about their films they do make sure the films look great, and are very well produced and are filled with really interesting characters. I also do really like that their film output is regular and each film isn’t just a retread of a previous film, there’s always something unique about them and they bring with them, a pile of movie fan entertainment to whatever project they release and with Alien Storm, Devils Knight, and Camp Pleasant Lake on the horizon, there’s still plenty of fun to come from the Mahal brothers.

Bermuda Island is now on on Video on Demand and DVD by Gravitas Ventures.

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