From Producers Sonny and Michael Mahal comes ‘Cursed Waters’, now raising funds on Indiegogo ( @smahal1 @MahalEmpire )

Now running (or sailing actually might be more accurate) is the Indiegogo Campaign for Cursed Water,which will be directed by Adam Werth and set to star Greg Tally, Wesley Cannon, Alexander Hauck and many more to be added as the film production continues.  Cursed Waters is being produced by Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal who have a fantastic track record with films such as Bermuda Island, Night Of the Tommyknockers, Death Count, and many more.  So Lets venture into the Cursed Waters.

The film will tell the tale of a ship thats sunk during in a naval battle and a group of pirates flee to a nearby island. But the island is more than it seems and they soon find out that they have ended up on the same island as a terrifying cult. 

Cursed Waters film film its principal photography July 6th-21st, 2023  in Los Angeles

The Indiegogo campaign sets to raise a total of  £80,418, within the next 30 days and already is headed in the right direction to smash that target. With great perks avilable, Anyone wanting to learn more about the campaign and of course donate to the Cursed Water fun. can find out more HERE 

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