Filmmaker Lee Unkrich (the director of Coco and Toy Story 3) joins Movie Geeks United to talk about his book that dives deep into Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining ( @TASCHEN @moviegeeksunite )

I do enjoy a good podcast! One of the longest running shows that Ive been listening to is Movie Geeks United, with the title of course indicating that its movie focused, I highly recommend this show. Over the years the show has put out some great ‘series’ of episodes including a cracker of a multi part series about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. This was before the bonkers documentary Room 237 came out  which does cover much of the same ground as The Shining series covered (but remember, the podcast did it first!). So, anyways I digress.  As a nice New Year gift to podcast listeners Movie Geeks United have put out an episode with a lengthy interview with filmmaker Lee Unkrich (the director of Coco and Toy Story 3) and who for the past decade has been building up perhaps the most definitive book you can ever get about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The podcast interview gives a wonderful insight into what is inside the multi volume book  and I highly recommend you check out the podcast episode here

Learn about some of the many ‘myths’ that circle the Earth about the Kubrick film, whether they be true, or whether they are just recycled gossip. This truly is a gem of an interview

Now onto the book, I was super keen to pick up the book until I saw its price tag for this initial limited run, which pretty much rules me out of getting the book but it still l ooks like an amazing book. limited to 1000 copies, The book features hundreds of never-before-seen photographs, rare production ephemera from the Kubrick Archive, and extensive new interviews with the cast and crew. According to Lee, the book weighs in at around 42Lbs so is very hefty, and also for those (like me) who are put off or just not able to afford the high price tag, there should be further down the line, a more affordable edition of the book which is released.

You can check out the book and pre-order it here

The book is released February 2023

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