Checking out the ‘Hot Seat’ Starring Kevin Dillon, Mel Gibson, Eddie Steeples & Shannon Doherty. A film by James Cullen Bressack ( @JamesCullenB )

From a story by Leon Langford and Collin Watts comes Hot Seat a cracker of a thriller from director James Cullen Bressack and starring Kevin Dillon (Platoon, TVs Entourage), Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon, Mad Max), Shannon Doherty ( Beverly Hills 90210, Heathers), Eddie Steeples (TVs My Name is Earl,Alvin and the Chipmuks:the Road Chip) and Michael Welsh (Star Trek Insurrection, Twilight)

Hot Seat takes us into the world of Orlando Friar (played by Kevin Dillon) who now works in an IT company but whos previous ‘career’ involved computer hacking. Now trying to have a run of the mill every day normal life where he looks after his wife and child. Orlando ends up one day being roped into a crazy scenario which involves using his hacking skills to not only save his own life, but that of Ava (played by Kate Katzman) who find themselves in a work office, wired with explosives. Whilst Orlando frantically follows the verbal instructions of the anonymous bomber, outside the building Bomb Squad officers Wallace Reed (played by Mel Gibson) and Jackson (played by Eddie Steeples) try to work out who exploded a bomb in the city earlier that morning and then find themselves heading into the situation that Orlando and Ava are already in.

Hot Seat is a cracker of a thriller. My type of movie.  Action packed, dialogue packed, funny but not a comedy, smart but not too complicated and with a great written story performed by a great cast and of course well directed too.  I was in for the ride!  Its always great to see Mel Gibson on screen and I will say that for a few minutes whilst watching the film It was bugging me where I had seen Jackson from, then all of a sudden I shouted out ‘Crabman!!!’ as I realised that Jackson was Eddie and Eddie played Crabman from My Name is Earl.  I love that show!  the chemistry that Eddie and Mel have on screen is also great so here’s hoping those two work together in the future. 

But the onscreen star of this film is Kevin Dillon, who I first saw in 1986’s Platoon and who may well be most known for either Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase in HBOs Entourage or perhaps from his small but very memorable appearance in Season 2 of ’24’ where he captures Kim Bauer and holds her hostage, and yes those scenes do involve the infamous cougar.  Kevin is great as Orlando in Hot Seat and actually looks like he is strapped to a chair with a bomb under it. His tension looks real. Great work johnny Drama! You do indeed rule! Victory!!!!!!!!!!

So yes If you love fun action popcorn movies with a smart storyline that are very well directed. then do check out Hot Seat. I’m glad I did and you should too!

I’ve been a fan of James Cullen Bressack’s for quite a few years now, since his name popped up on my radar ten years ago with his very divisive film Hate Crime.  Then I was lucky enough to have James on one of my podcast episodes to talk about his films and his career and so I do think Ill reach out to James again for a catch  up, as he has been so busy over the recent years that there is definitely a lot to talk about.

Hot Seat is available now on various formats (I got my DVD from Amazon here

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