Impactful and thought provoking. Broken Glass A Fragile Mind, a short film by Jack Douglas Stokes starring Graham Cole OBE ( @GrahamcoleAct )

Today I watched Broken Glass A Fragile Mind, a short film that runs for just under 9 minutes but will stay in your memory and thoughts far longer. directed by Jack Douglas Stokes. Broken Glass introduces us to Tom (played by Graham Cole OBE) who is now a retired Police Officer after 30  years of service to the public. As a line of text at the end of the film lets us know that on average a person will experience 6-8 traumas in their LIFE. an emergency service worker in a 30 year career will experience anywhere between 600-800 traumas, this is the focus of Broken Glass as we spend some time with Tom trying to get through his day after many years of tough days and nights.

Short in running time Broken Glass A Fragile Mind  might be, but in impact its very impressive, powerful and thought provoking. Graham of course plays the role to its perfection and I highly recommend you take 9 minutes out of your day to watch the film which you can find online but you can also watch in this article (from the official Youtube channel here

Do share the film, leave comments if you wish but more importantly. Watch the film and as the text also says at the end of the film ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’

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