‘Alien Storm’ blasts off with its its crowdfunding campaign. Produced by Sonny Mahal & Michael Mahal ( @MahalEmpire @smahal1 ) #supportindiefilm


Written and Directed by Adam Werth

The Indiegogo campaign for Alien Storm is now live! and you can head over to their page, bag some perks and help the team behind the film raise their funds to create some out of this world entertainment. From the team that brought you Night of the Tommyknockers (which youll find a review of on my site- such a fun film!) and Death Count  comes Alien Storm. But what is Alien Storm about. Well lets find out.

Frank McConnelly is a loving father and husband, a brilliant business man, and a secret doomsday prepper. To celebrate taking his company public, Frank is putting on the party of the year in his Las Vegas Mansion.  During the party The President of the United States gives an address warning people to stay inside due to a strange weather pattern that is cutting off communications with major cities across the globe.  Suddenly the power goes out as a massive fog bank moves in. In the ensuing chaos Frank escorts people down to safety of his bunker. Everyone is surprised to see the bunker is actually an underground house complete with a yard and a pool. But, In the thick fog something is stirring. Something that hungers. Will the bunker protect them or will they be the next meal?

Alien Storm is a Science Fiction horror film being shot in Las Vegas & Los Angeles in late Jan 2023 and would love you to jump on board and help them raise their much needed  funds. They have some great perks which will suit all donation sizes. And to be honest with Indiegogo you can donate anything you wish, No small is too small and no large is too large. Team Alien Storm welcome any help or donations that you can give.  So head over there (yes there being the Indiegogo page which you can find here and have a nosey around. If you arent in a position to donate, then share the link to their page, and hopefully it’ll land in someones timeline who can donate.

Ive been a fan of the team behind this film for a while now, and trust me- they do good work!

Based on a story by Sonny and Michael Mahal

The screenplay is being written by the films director Adam Werth


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