Action Legend Tom Berenger is Back in Action Thriller BLACK WARRANT. On digital platforms in the UK and Ireland from 12 December.


Directed by Tibor Takács, the award-winning director of cult horror classics I, Madman and The Gate, BLACK WARRANT is a thrill-a-minute plunge into the world of espionage, assassins and cyber terrorism, starring The Magnificent Seven’s Cam Gigandet, Jeff Fahey (Machete), and Tom Berenger, Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated Platoon and Sniper legend, with a script based on a story by Streets of Fire actor Michael Pare.

Packed with nerve-wracking, high-stakes shoot-outs, sleek weaponry, and superb performances from young gun Gigandet and grizzled veteran Berenger as two men who need to put their differences aside to avert a worldwide catastrophe, BLACK WARRANT gives the Bourne and Bond films a run for their money.

BLACK WARRANT is available on digital platforms including Google, iTunes, Sky, Amazon, and Virgin from 12th December

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