Check out ‘Witness Statements’ by Oliver Crocker and go behind the scenes of TV’s The Bill with many of its cast and crew. ( @olivercrocker )

I loved ‘The Bill’, such a great series which ran from 1984 until 2010 and ran for over 2400 episodes. Yep you read that right.  Taking us into the Sun Hill police department not just from the uniformed police officers, but also the CID, and above and of course taking us into the lives of the criminals and suspects the Sun Hill police dealt with on a daily basis.  It was a show that I watched a lot, and whilst I may not have seen all 2405 episodes, I have seen far more than I havent seen and now for fans of the show. Writer Oliver Crocker has brought out some reading material for fans of the show and its cast..   Witness Statements Making The Bill Series 1-3 is now not and can be bought here and Witness Statements The Bill 1988 can be pre-ordered here 

Witness Statement Making The Bill Series 1-3 takes us behind the scenes with over 40 cast and crew members sharing their memories of making the first three series of the show and of course that includes the “Woodentop” pilot. Read interviews with Sun Hill legends John Salthouse (who played D.I. Galloway), Eric Richard (who played Sgt. Bob Cryer), Mark Wingett (who played P.C. Carver) Trudie Goodwin (who played W.P.C. Ackland), Jon Iles  (who played D.C. Dashwood), Colin Blumenau (who played P.C. Edwards), Nula Conwell (who played W.P.C. Martella), Larry Dann (who played Sgt. Peters), Ralph Brown (who played P.C. Muswell), Graham Cole (who played one of my favourite characters on the show P.C. Stamp), Ashley Gunstock (who played the role of P.C. Frank), Robert Hudson (who played P.C. Smith), Mark Powley (who played P.C. Melvin), Peter Ellis (who played Chief Supt. Brownlow) and Chris Ellison (another of my favourite characters D.S. Burnside), plus many of the shows guest stars, the writers, the directors and many more talented people associated with the show. 

The book is 192-page book,  and if you order it from here , then its signed by the author

As id mentioned earlier, Witness Statements: Making The Bill 1988 is available for pre order and focuses on the first 48 half-hour episodes of “The Bill” were brought to life, by taking us behind the scenes with in-depth interviews with 60 cast and crew. Each episode is accompanied by detailed Observation Notes, and will reveal filming locations used,  production dates, viewing figures for the episode, as well as character notes, and also details of unmade storylines and much more.

The pre-order offer is limited to 300 copies, so pre-order now to be the first to get the book on its release in November 2022. Every copy will be signed by author Oliver Crocker. PLEASE NOTE: if you would like a specific personalised message, please write what you would like in the Notes section of the cart when placing your order.

International orders will be posted using standard shipping, with no tracking.


You can pre-order  Witness Statements: Making The Bill 1988 here from Devonfire books.

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