From writer director Levi Wilson comes’ Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Ave’ which is raising productions funds.

From Writer/Director Levi Wilson comes ;Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Ave’, a new short film which is currently raising funds for its production and which could love you to head on board to help them out.  You can find their campaign here and of course learn more about the film there too

So, what is Luke and Emma and a Gas Station Franklin Ave about? Well, Its a semi-autobiographical short film. Luke (played by Coulter Ibanez ) is mixed Asian-American, and Emma (played by Christina Gobes ) is white, and they live in 1986 small town America. They have an incidental meeting in the parking lot of a local convenience store while waiting for Luke’s Thai mother and Emma’s white American father to shop. It’s clear they both have crushes on each other, but they proceed with caution as they have an innate understanding of the community ‘s prejudices reflected by their parents’ interactions inside.

The production goal is $10,000 and currently they are 40% there with still around 3 weeks to go to raise the rest ( at the time of typing this- 22nd October 2022) Similar top Indiegogo and Kickstarter, they have some fun perks on their page, and the donations are also tax deductible according to the team, so that’s a good thing. Head over there and have a look, and if you cant donate. Im sure the team would appreciate a share of their link, in the hope it can hit some more donations to help them get this film made and completed and out in the world.

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