Philip Barantini directed’Boiling Point’ movie set to be adapted into five part series for BBC ( @PhilipBarantini )

Great news! . One of my favourite films of recent years “Boiling Point,” is getting a five part television series adaptation from the BBC.

The series will pick up six months from where the 2021 movie left off and we now find sous chef Carly (played by Vinette Robinson) as head chef in her own restaurant and even better, many of the Boiling Point movie cast are back including Stephen Graham as Andy and also Hannah Walters as Emily.

Boiling Point, the movie brilliantly used a single-shot technique for the entire feature which heightened the tension and intense nature of the film and the story and apparently the series isnt following that technique which is a shame, but there is so much more to Boiling Point (the movie) than the single shot technique. Its about the world, its about the characters, and its about the performances of its cast.

Also back (and id be disappointed if they weren’t) are the film’s co-writer and director Philip Barantini, , with co-writer James Cummings and producers Hester Ruoff and Bart Ruspoli. 

Filming for the series is planned to begin early 2023 and I cant wait (but I shall! as I know itll be worth it

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