Receiving its Northern Premiere at @Grimmfest ‘Yummy Mummy’, by Gabriela Staniszewska. A crazy yet I’m sure realistic look at pending parenthood.

Receiving its Northern Premiere at Grimmfest 2022, Yummy Mummy is a fun, yet disturbing, surreal yet kinda realistic look at Lilith, a pregnant woman who finds herself becoming pretty much invisible to all around her. Referred to as ‘peanut’ then ‘mummy’ by her partner Ryan (played by Joe Layton), Lilith feels and is pretty much treated like a ‘baby carrier’ and every time someone speaks to her , its always about the baby and not herself. Even her mother-in law (played by Casualty’s Catherine Shipton ), creeps into the bathroom whilst Lilith is having a bath just to ‘rub the bump’ Before long Lilith starts to fall apart mentally, and also physically (even automatic doors ignore her ) in this short film by writer/director Gabriela Staniszewska (Choose your Weapon, I Should have run)

Yasemin Özdemir is fantastic in the film as Lilith and looking at her acting credits, she hasnt appeared in many projects. I hope that she gets the great praise that she deserves from Yummy Mummy and appears more on screen. Whilst there are other characters in the film, Yasemin does have the main performance on her shoulders and the range of emotions that she portrays in the film shows just how good an actor she is. 

So if you love insane short films. then I do highly recommend Yummy Mummy. Written and Directed by Gabriela Staniszewska, Produced by Jadey Duffield (Choose Your Weapon, 10 Minutes for a pound)

Im not sure on the distributions plans for Yummy Mummy but you can follow producer Jadey here on Twitter and updates will hopefully pop up on her account in the near future. 

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