More great events from Grimmfest ( @grimmfest ) this month!


Grimmfest partner with RAD Screenings to present a double bill celebrating cult film master Fred Dekker. Join them for a rad party featuring Dracula, Wolf-man, The Mummy  in THE MONSTER SQUAD plus a bunch of american high school kids fighting killer zombies in NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!


Need a distraction from the real world horror show that is currently  taking place across the pond? Grimm Up North and RAD have got you sorted! Join them this month for a special Fred Dekker Double Bill at Gorilla featuring NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and THE MONSTER then a few days after. RAD Screenings are participating in the BFI’s Blackstar Season to screen Blaxploitation classic SHAFT plus a very special Q&A between Dave Haslam and the iconic DJ Norman Jay MBE.

Stay tuned for info on their upcoming events:

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