‘Feed Me’ by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, takes a horror tale and balances humour, horror, and drama, to perfection! Preorder available for US digital release.

From writer/directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, comes ‘Feed Me’, loosely based on the true story of Armin Meiwes who murdered and ate a voluntary victim back in 2001 . Other than that. ‘Feed Me’ comes from the minds of Richard and Adam who have crafted this bonkers film which screened at Grimmfest 2022 and to which I was in attendance. 

When Liv (played by Samantha Loxley ( dies of an eating disorder, her husband Jed (played by Christopher Mulvin) decides he cant bare life without her and after a chance encounter (or is it) with Lionel Flack (played by Neal Ward) the two agree to a contract where Lionel gets to eat Jed. (yep, you read that right)

To sum up ‘Feed Me’ can be quickly done in a short list of words, bonkers, fun, creepy, grimy, gory, atmospheric, recommended, and wonderful!

Of course I want to talk a little bit more about the film than just those list of words and so I shall. I saw the Grimmfest audience reaction to some scenes in ‘Feed Me’ last week and they were having a blast, they were all truly along for the ride and so was I when I saw the film. Whilst based (loosely) on a true story about a man who killed and ate another man, that might make it sound like a super serious horror film, and whilst there is certainly serious horror within ‘ Feed Me’ the filmmakers (and actors) balance the horror with some scenes of genuinely laugh out loud dark humour, before venturing back into horror once again. Its a tightrope that isn’t easy to do, but the directors have successfully managed it and then some.  The cast are wonderful in their roles and Christopher Mulvin (who plays the willing ‘meal’ Jed) and Neal Ward (who plays the psychotic cannibal Lionel Flack) look to be having the most fun with this story. (that’s not to say the rest of the cast didn’t have fun) The onscreen chemistry between Lionel and Jed is a dream to watch with the manic hyper performances and somewhat very odd ‘friendship’ being the centrepiece (or should that be main course) of ‘ Feed Me’ these are the two characters were spend the most time with in the 95 minute running time and in several cases were (or at least I did) felt a little bit of sympathy and empathy for Lionel, before I quickly remembered he was a crazy man who wanted to eat human flesh. Yes lets talk flesh. ‘Feed Me’ doesn’t hold back on the gore when its needed and the effects in the film are super realistic and did remind me that eating food when watching ‘Feed Me’ probably wasn’t one of the smartest ideas Iv’e had this month.  But I survived! (just)

The world of ‘Feed Me’ is also worth mentioning. The set design is fantastic, grimy,dirty, and you can even smell the stench when you first see Lionel’s home with its piles of newspapers lying around, the house needs a damn good clean and looks brilliantly rancid. Add to that the cinematography style of the film and we are so taken into this horrible world that Id run a mile from. So a big shout out to the look and design of the film too. 

So as you can see from the words I’ve written, whilst I could sum up ‘Feed Me’ in a list of a few words. I think this film deserves so much more than those few words and having just won 5 awards at the British Horror Film Festival this weekend ( Best Film, Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Score ) Its great to see that ‘ Feed Me’ is gathering all the very well deserved recognition that is so definitely deserves and Im sure that more awards and praise will soon be added to the ‘ Feed Me’ collection of great things. Congratulations to all the cast, and crew of the film who helped make this one of the most bonkers, fun, creepy, rollercoaster film rides that I’ve seen for a while.

For those in the US  You can pre order FEED ME right now on iTunes! Out on 27th October!

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