The Ledge, the new film by Howard J Ford, had me right on the edge! ( @HowardJFord1 , ft. @missbrittash @therestis_ @anaisparello @DavidWayman1 )

I do enjoy finding a film ‘gem’ A film I didn’t know anything about but but ended up watching and discovering that its a cracker of a film. They are few and far between as in this film world nowadays we tend to see most films over advertised which in turn spoils many of the plot points of film and also messes with our enthusiasm and anticipation levels which  means that there are fewer films that we can go into  ‘cold’. That’s why over the years I have gravitated more towards the smaller independent films  because they aren’t splattered across every magazine, or talked about on every podcast (which for the filmmakers is a shame when they aren’t, but for a film fan it means that when you find a gem, its glorious)

The latest ‘gem’ film for me is The Ledge which i saw on the UK Netflix and 100% gets my thumbs up.

The Ledge, written by Tom Boyle and directed by Howard J Ford (The Dead, The Dead 2 India, The Lockdown Hauntings)  tells the story of Kelly (played by Brittany Ashworth) and Sophie ( played by Anaïs Parello ) who tale a trip to climb the rock face of a mountain range. The night before their climb, they meet up with Josh (played by Ben Lamb), Zach (played by Louis Boyer), Taylor (played by David Wayman) and Reynolds (played by Nathan Walsh) and they all share some campfire drinks which then begins to spiral out of control and to say chaos ensues would be a huge understatement. 

The Ledge is a cracker of a thriller, wonderfully acted by all the cast who bring a great mix of likeable characters to the very unlikeable, its brilliantly shot with some wonderful scenic locations but for this film whilst the scenery is stunning, its the tension of the film that is the highlight which of course is all down to the ingredients of the film being in perfect alignment, . The Ledge is one of those ‘what would I do’ films that I adore and had me hooked and tangling on a tether (pun intended) right to the very end.   I wont go into my favourite scenes (there are many) or even some of my favourite characters, or even too many plots details as that would ruin much of the enjoyment, but lets just say that looking at the thumbnail on Netflix, I thought The Ledge was going to be a film about a climber who gets stuck on…you know…a ledge and whilst that is sort of true. The Ledge is so much more!

Highly recommended and it has slid into my Top 10 film choices of the year (so far)

One thought on “The Ledge, the new film by Howard J Ford, had me right on the edge! ( @HowardJFord1 , ft. @missbrittash @therestis_ @anaisparello @DavidWayman1 )

  1. I watched “The Ledge” today, after seeing your review. I thoroughly enjoyed it, you’re right, it does keep you gripped. Definite thumbs up 👍🏻 for me too

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