Bring on The Jason Philips Show. Written by @kyeloren

Kye Loren, an actor who I first saw in the 2014 film He Who Dares and then in the film Essex Boys Retribution (which was as far as I can tell, filmed before He Who Dares, but released afterwards, just to add the confusion)

I then added Kye onto a very limited Twitter list that I have in order to follow those who I see on a very impressive career path and sure enough, the name Jason Philips popped up one day. Now Jason Phillips, or rather The Jason Philips Show is a new television show that will hopefully come out soon and takes us into the world of Jason Philips who…….well actually dont let me tell you. You can check the trailer out for yourself.

You will see from the trailer that perhaps theres a bit of Jeremy Kyle in there and that makes the trailer and the show look even funnier. Makes you wonder doesnt it.

Looking at the IMDB cast list for the pilot episode, there are some great names in there that I recognize from many projects I have seen.

Ty Glaser (from Hard Boiled Sweets), Scott Hinds (The Fall Of The Essex Boys), Ashlie Walker (Jack Says, and Jack Said) and Heather Wright (Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging) are just some of them, and of course Kye Loren in the role of Jason Philips.

Cast & Crew pic courtesy of

Cast & Crew pic courtesy of

I hope the show is out soon, I for one am very keen to see just how crazy the show gets.

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