James Nunn’s ‘One Shot’ perfectly balances the shoot em up and thriller genre. Starring Scott Adkins.

From Director James Nunn ( Tower Block, The Marine 5:Battleground and The Marine 6: Close Quarters ) comes ‘One Shot’ a new action thriller which is now showing on Sky Cinema (and available on DVD in some territories). Starring Scott Adkins (Avengement, The Debt Collector and soon to be seen in John Wick Chapter 4) as Navy Seal Jake Harris, who heads a mission to escort suspected terrorist Amin Mansur  (played by Waleed Elgadi) from a secret offshore detainee camp to a new location in Washington DC

When the secret offshore location is invaded by what seems like an inexhaustible amount of gun and knife wielding terrorists, Jake and his team must dig in and try to survive the onslaught.

What seems like a generic bad guy v good guy plot is far from it, and in the hands of Director James Nunn ‘One Shot’ in its just over 90 minute run time fits enough action, character drama and shocks and surprises to fill an entire evening whilst keeping perfect pacing. The film doesn’t play it safe and I on several occasions watching the film was happily shocked at where the story went. I’m not talking twists or plot diversions and I wont go into details of what I’m actually talking about, as I don’t want to plot spoil but what I can say is that most films of this type go one way with this plot , whereas ”One Shot’ goes another and its so much better for those choices.  It has enough of the brilliant ingredients of a wonderful action film to keep action films happy but also develops the characters to keep it far more than just another action film where good guys win and bad guys don’t. Even the bad guys have humanity to them rather than them just being cannon fodder for our Navy Seal heroes to shoot at.   Whilst Scott Adkins is the main star of the film and as per usual is a joy to watch, the film does have a great supporting cast who all of course make this a brilliantly put together film.  (always great to see Lee Charles on screen, and Lee in One Shot plays villain ‘ Dhelkor’ and is as he usually is, a fantastic villain)

There were talks a couple of years ago about a series of films based in the world of video game Call of Duty and I will say this now. Just let James Nunn run that and star Scott Adkins, as together they would create a fantastic world perfectly balancing the shoot em up genre that we love, but making it a human story.

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