Ivan’s Roadside Killer 2 Makes Troma Films Debut on All Top Streaming Platforms

Troma Films, in collaboration with producers/directors Ivan (Slava Siderman) and John Gonzales, announces the release of Roadside Killer 2 – available now at on the watch.troma.com platform.
The second installment of the comedic short horror series, an homage to the 1974 Bob Clark classic Black Christmas, is about a perpetually angry and vengeful roadside worker/serial killer named Stanley Simmons, as his sad childhood is revealed through Christmas memories told by Stanley to his tied-up victim.
“This series of horror shorts has been a labor of love for so many reasons – we got to express our weird creative horror side in every unique way possible… and having my favorite horror schlock company like Troma invite us to their family is huge!” said Siderman.

“A dream come true, maybe a wet dream but covered in bloody sheets, resulting in the best wet nightmare possible. I am thrilled to say that our Roadside Killer Stanley Simmons is bumping shoulders at Troma Family reunions with Toxie and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD.”

Roadside Killer 2, which was accepted to numerous film festivals for screening and won a Bronze Award for Best Fantasy/Horror Short at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festivals, is ready for On-Demand viewing through Troma at watch.troma.com for only $4.99/per mo. FIRST MONTH FREE with signup and via ROKU, AMAZON, APPLE TV and AMAZON FIRE TV. Watch the trailer at RoadsideKiller.com,

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