Signal One Entertainment schedule release of the 1947 film Nightmare Alley, available on the 17th January 2022. ( @SigOneEnt )

Ahead of the remake, Signal One Entertainment are releasing the 1947 film Nightmare Alley, available on the 17th January 2022.

One of the darkest and most startling films ever to come out of golden-era Hollywood, based on a novel that many thought unfilmable at a time when the Production Code held sway, NIGHTMARE ALLEY is set in the gritty yet surreal world of a travelling carnival, whose eccentric inhabitants serve up bizarre illusions to a grateful and gullible public.

Tyrone Power’s ruthless schemer, Stanton Carlisle, was his favorite of all his roles, and no wonder: it stretched him like nothing before or since as Carlisle rises from raffish carnival barker to national mind-reading sensation in partnership with his beautiful wife Molly (Coleen Gray), before an equally precipitous fall at the hands of a duplicitous psychologist (Helen Walker) and his own all too human frailties. Director Edmund Goulding (DARK VICTORY) conjures a spellbinding atmosphere out of some of the weirdest material ever to be tackled by a major studio

The disc comes with the following extra features.

High-definition transfer
Audio commentary with writer and anthologist Johnny Mains and film expert Michael Brooke
Audio commentary from 2005 featuring film historians James Ursini and Alain Silver
Original mono audio
Still gallery
Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature


You can pre-order the film here 

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