Written by Nicola Gardner and starring Mark Savage and Tony McPherson. Check out this free afternoon of drama, poetry and dance ( @MarkSavageActor @TheCC2016 @mafouta @nicola_gardner1)

When people ask me what are some of the coolest things ive done since starting up frompage2screen with all its side projects there is a wonderful list of things I do talk about.  Always high on that list of that I have I have a friendship with Mr Mark Savage and Tony McPherson, whilst only a virtual friendship at the moment (well by that I mean that our schedules havent matched and we haven’t managed to grab the often suggested coffee and a chat. But we will!) Mark and Tony are two wonderful guys that not only appeared in one of my favourite TV shows ever ‘Grange Hill’ but have also appeared in many other shows and projects over the years. I have a lot of time for those guys! Recently Ive seen that they are both performing in a play in October in Manchester for Black History Month.

Tony plays the character of Brother Leroy a Jamaican who came to the UK as a child on HMS Windrush, attended school, joined the British army, worked and paid taxes all his life and now he’s had to apply for government financial assistance, he’s facing deportation because he can’t prove his official status.

Marks character is Robbie the caretaker of The Community Centre who’s from Fallowfield Manchester and although white, self identifies as a black man, is a Rasta, wears fake dreadlocks and speaks to black people in a fake Jamaican patois, he advocates one love and although a bit strange is true to himself and his heart is in the right place. Brilliantly written by Nicola Gardner 

Do check this show out if you can, and I know I will be checking it out and finally meeting up with Mark and Tony (as long as I can get the time off my night job, but Im working on it) 

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