Spending Time With Mark Savage ( @MarkSavageActor )

Not everyone can say that they were personally asked by Morrisey to play a title role in a music video (but Mark Savage can ) He played the role of ‘Dagenham Dave’ the 1995 video.

Not everyone can say they played one of the most iconic roles in UK TV’s most famous children s drama show (Mark Savage can) He played the role of  Norman ‘Gripper’ Stebson in BBC’s Grange Hill for several seasons and dozens of episodes.

I had the pleasure of not only chatting with Mark for a while now (On Twitter), but also Mark and I grabbed a podcast chat last year to have a catch up about Marks theatre show ‘Frank’ Then ‘lockdown’ happened and the chance I had of sitting down with the man himself fell through, for now. We will have our time!  From TV actor, to film actor, to stage actor and producer of many things theatrical. Mark has kept himself busy over the years ( and still is) so to be able to get him to take a little time out from the things he is working on, to answer a few of the pre-prepared Spending Time With…questions was a huge win for me.

Have you revisited one of your favourite films during lockdown? Which was it?

I recently rewatched for the umpteenth time IF.    (a classic 1968 Malcolm McDowell starring film thats great if you’ve not seen it )

What TV shows are you currently watching?

I`m not watching much TV. I don`t switch it on for days. Catch nature documentaries, general documentaries

What are you working on for ‘post lockdown’? (if you can talk about it that is)

I`m working on a few scripts for filming post lockdown, Early days yet, so can`t talk about those.

What film always makes you laugh?

What is one of your most favourite locations you have filmed or performed in?

The now defunct BBC TV Centre Wood Lane. London. W12.

In your creative roles? What is the longest day that you’ve ever had?

20 hours. A very early call on film set then on to a theatre tech rehearsal and evening performance.

Do you have any ‘props or keepsakes from any of your films or shows?

Nothing that I`m preparded to incriminate myself for. :-0

If you had to make a ‘bucket list’ of people you’d love to work with, tell me one name who would be on it?

Mr Anthony McPherson, who I`m very fortunate to be currently collaborating with.

Would you enjoy writing your autobiography? Would you find it a very difficult task?

Writing my autobiography doesn`t interest me and I doubt it would be of interest to others either.

Last album last listened to.

I`m listening to Stiff Little Fingers album Nobodys Hero as I type this.

Let’s shine a light on some of your past work. Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Obviously Grange Hill and particularly Human Issue written by Dean Moynihan because it was my first time self producing and performing, I learned a lot and gained confidence to continue producing and performing.

Do you remember who got your first autograph

My form teacher Miss Docherty on my last day at comprehensive school as I was leaving to go to stage school.

If you can sit down with any one living person and chat to them for two hours? Who would you choose?

Stuart Bannerman for your encyclopedic knowledge of film, theatre.

Many thanks to Mark for taking the time out, and I would love to sit down for a couple of hours and chat about anything and everything. Lets make that happen!   – Stuart.

You can listen to the podcast episode with Mark here

Give Mark a twitter follow here  https://twitter.com/MarkSavageActor and fFollow the SavageTheatreCo here https://twitter.com/SavageTheatreCo

4 thoughts on “Spending Time With Mark Savage ( @MarkSavageActor )

  1. A bloke who sincerely cares about the needs of others – especially those who cannot speak for themselves, such as those in care homes. Also a tremendous actor. It’s not easy playing a role who everyone hates (except for the pup after his butcher’s sausages). There’s also a vulnerability to the role of Gripper that I personally responded to and I think many others did as well.


  2. Mark was in my play ‘The Squeaky Clean’ at Wimbledon Studio a few years back. I have kept in contact with him since. He is very supportive of work I’ve had staged in London, and always makes an effort to come watch it. A lovely guy. A real pleasure to know him.


  3. Hi Mark don’t know if you remember me but thinking about writing a book thinking about calling it the extraordinary life of nobody
    Do you remember when you worked on a ice cream van at Sandringham House for the Royal horse show we went tent city that strange but funny weekend.
    If you read this would like to talk to you.
    Regards Kevin


  4. Sorry forgot to mention that the book is about my experiences in life and that weekend would make a hell of a great chapter
    Regards Kevin price


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