‘Master of Horror:The Official Biography of Mick Garris’ by Abbie Bernstein is out now from ATB Publishing ( @ATBPublishing @MickGarrisPM @Hedgebeast ) #filmtwitter

Mr Mick Garris. When I think of some of the highlights of the years I’ve spend working at the frompage2screen website and podcast, I definitely include the hour long conversation I had with Mick Garris on my highlight list.  I sat down virtually with Mick last year for part of my Grimmfest coverage and Mick graciously let me ‘Ask Mick Anything’ 9which coincidentally enough is also the name of one of the podcast segments that he and filmmaker Joe Russo have)

One of the things we touched upon, during that conversation was I believe his biography in book form and so it is super exciting to know that later this month, a collaboration  between Mick Garris and Abbie Bernstein, the very highly anticipated book Master Of Horror :The Official Biography of Mick Garris will land on the shelves for us all to read. 

Thinking back to the first time I encountered the name of Mick Garris, lands me around 1988 when I sat down to watch Critters 2, a wonderful sequel to the scifi invasion creature feature Critters. It was a film I rented several times on VHS from my local video store and a film I love to this very day.  Over the years I saw Mick’s name on many of the films that I rented from that same store such as Psycho IV: The Beginning, Sleepwalkers, and then the epic milestone in my  screen watching life. When I discovered the not one but two VHS tapes of Stephen Kings The Stand in 1994 arriving in the video store which I then worked at one Friday evening. I remember wanting to see this mini series so much that I  (and I kid you not) sneaked back into the store at 2am, after the store closed, and ‘borrowed’ both volumes of The Stand, heading home, and watching them until around 9am that morning. Then sneaking them back into the store that day before starting my work shift. Over the years I have rewatched the Mick Garris directed series approximately 18 times (and it totals 6 hours), I have the soundtrack on CD, and the book on my shelf.  So you can imagine how cool it was for me to sit down with Mick to chat about his life and of course a little bit about The Stand late last year.  (thanks Mick and thanks Grimmfest) 

Master of Horror:The Official Biography of Mick Garris will be released on August 13, 2021 from ATB Publishing

You can order your copy of the book here 

Of course I have my finger crossed that there are plans for a UK release (where I am) but either way. I will be reading this book and I will love every page I’m sure! I’ve read the work of Abbie Bernstein as I recently picked up her book  The Art Of Mad Mad Fury Road and its glorious! so I have no doubt the teaming of Abbie Bernstein and Mick Garris will be yet another gem! 

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