Grimmfest 2020 dates are set. The great Mick Garris begins the guest list ( @MickGarrisPM)

2020 sees Grimmfest reaching the dirty dozen: Twelve years at the cutting edge of genre film. And to celebrate, next year’s festival will be bigger, bolder, and bloodier than ever – running from the evening of Wed 7th Oct through to the evening of Sunday 11th Oct at Odeon Great Northern in Manchester UK. Hell has expanded itself: the festival will now run for five days, to cram in even more amazing genre content.

The Grimmfest team is also excited to announce their first confirmed guest.

Mick Garris has been at the heart of the horror genre since the early 80s, working closely with horror legends such as Stephen King, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento and many more. A screenwriter, producer and director par excellence, and one of the genre’s top movers and shakers, Mick was also the creator and show runner of the legendary MASTERS OF HORROR anthology series and the driving force behind 2017 Grimmfest favourite NIGHTMARE CINEMA. But for me…Mick Garris has been a favourite of mine for years, ever since he directed Stephen Kings The Stand (a show that I have seen to date, 17 times (and its 6 hours long). Mick also directed Hocus Pocus, the mini series of The Shining, and Sleepwalkers. He is also a podcaster so I am really hoping to sit down and chat with the man himself. Fingers crossed! As The Pointer Sisters once said ‘Im So Excited and I just cant hide it’

Mick will be joining Team Grimmfest to share some insights into his extraordinary career, and to receive the prestigious Grimmfest Lifetime achievement award for his work in the horror genre.

Grimmfest 2020 promises to be the biggest and most exciting festival yet, with more special guests and boundary-pushing films than ever before.

I spent a few days at the 2019 Grimmfest and not only are the team there some of the most amazing people you will meet, not only is the atmosphere such a breath of fresh air with like minded film fans gathering to chat and meet and share photos, but the guest at Grimmfest have always been top notch. I cant recommend Grimmfest enough!


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