Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH, celebrating its 35th anniversary, debuts on 4K Ultra HD September 6th courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

From Jim Henson comes the unforgettable fantasy favourite LABYRINTH, now celebrating its 35th anniversary and debuting on 4K Ultra HD on September 6th 2021 courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 35 years!!! That must be wrong, I remember watching Labyrinth in the cinemas on its release week which means that my age is ….ohhh yes that was indeed 35 years ago.  Oops. 

Starring Jennifer Connelly (Academy Award winner Best Supporting Actress, A Beautiful Mind, 2001),  David Bowie and dozens of creatures from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™, LABYRINTH follows 16-year-old Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) as she is given 13 hours to solve a dangerous and wonderful labyrinth and rescue her baby brother when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by the Goblin King, played by the iconic David Bowie.

One of the most fun films not only of the 80s but of all time, and with perhaps the best onscreen performance by David Bowie ever, Labyrinth is an absolute treats not only for those who have seen the film before, but for those who will venture into the film for the first time.  Treat yourself! The film also comes with some lovely special features which you can read about below. 

4K Ultra HD  and Blu-ray   Bonus Materials Include

Limited edition collectible set presented as a 28-page Digibook—featuring rare artwork, photography and early script pages, all from deep within the Henson Archives—styled to resemble Sarah’s book of The Labyrinth from the film


Feature presented in 4K resolution, with Dolby Vision

Dolby Atmos audio + 5.1 audio + original theatrical 2-Channel Surround audio

Special Features: 

: Deleted & Alternate Scene Oubliette

Over 25 minutes of never-before-seen lost and alternate scenes, with all-new commentary from Brian Henson!

Sarah’s Screen Tests

A collection of rare, original screen tests for the role of Sarah! Featuring Molly Ringwald, Trini Alvarado, Tracey Gold, Claudia Wells, Jill Schoelen, Maddie Corman and Danielle von Zerneck


Feature presented in high definition, sourced from the 4K master

Dolby Atmos audio

Special Features:

“The Henson Legacy” Featurette

Labyrinth Anniversary Q&A

“Remembering The Goblin King” Featurette

The Storytellers (Picture-in-Picture)

Commentary by Conceptual Designer Brian Froud

Original Making-of Documentary “Inside The Labyrinth”

“Journey Through the Labyrinth: Kingdom of Characters” Documentary

“Journey Through the Labyrinth: The Quest for Goblin City” Documentary

Theatrical Trailers

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