Tyler Savage’s Stalker arrives on video on demand.

Andy (played by Vincent Van Horn)  moves to LA after a romantic breakup and following a bar room encounter with Sam (played by Christine Ko) takes a drive home  by an Uber style driver. Roger (played by Michael Lee Joplin), the driver then encounters Andy the following day and strike up a friendship, which we the audience know wont end well for one of them as Roger gives off the ‘creepy’ vibe straight from the off.  Andy does the polite thing and totally ignores the creepy angle  and agrees to meet Roger to further their friendship (big  mistake isnt it!!) 

One of the many things I love about Stalker is that it doesn’t hide the creepiness of Roger and the film is better for that option. It reminds us that there are creepy people out there and we aren’t always shocked when they turn out to be a little unhinged.

When Andy’s blossoming connection with Sam continues, Roger pretty quickly turns somewhat jealous, and obsessive and sends text after text to Andy, and doesn’t like that Andy’s attention is elsewhere. But it goes beyond text, and some scenes showing how Roger uses modern technology to enter someones lies, ir a little jarring and will make you think about the security in your own life. 

I love these sort of films, and whilst Stalker isn’t a subtle hidden meaning type of movie, it doesn’t need to be, and Stalker is all the better for that. the film is a tight, perfectly paced thriller with the great leads in the cast (especially Christine Ko) , and the filmmakers make great use of the LA landscape. Quick side note, the film used to go under the title of ‘Blinders’ 

I highly recommend the film if you want to put your feet up, and escape into a psychological for 90 mins.

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