Paradise Cove, a tense thriller that reminds you theres no safety at home.

Home is where we are safe, its our comfort zone, A new home can be a new chapter in our lives and new beginnings are good, right? Well for most I think yes, but for Knox and Tracey (played by Todd Grinnell and Mena Suvari)  this isnt the new chapter they were hoping for. When the move into a new ‘fixer up’er’ house in Malibu, California, things look like they are on the up until they wont, and they find that their home has a visitor who is very much unwelcome.

In this psychological thriller , we see the new home owners come face to face with Bree (brilliantly played by True Blood’s Kristen Bauer Van Straten) who has decided that their home is her home and she isnt going anywhere. This Martin Guigui directed thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat and will have you talking and shouting at your screen (I love films that make you do that) as you see the pressure cooker plot turn itself up to boiling point. Whilst the plot isnt the same, Paradise Cove jots love letters to classic thrillers such as Pacific Heights, Single White Female and Fatal Attraction and with its 100% grounded in reality storyline (brilliantly written by Sherry Klein), this type of the film is the most terrifying of all the film genres I watch. What do you do when someone legally puts themself somewhere you dont want them to do and says ‘No’ when you ask them to leave.

With a perfect cast, stunning locations, and a brilliant cinematic use of more of less a single location. Martin and his crew have crafted a thriller that not only will I be recommending for several years, but is also a great example of how to make a film using a small amount of characters in a small amount of locations, and keeping 100% engaged for its running time. Paradise Cove is a film that all thriller fans will adore. 

Paradise Cove director Martin Guigui was kind enough to spare some time to chat (non spoiler of course) about the film and you can watch our conversation here. 

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