The Deep Ones, by Chad Ferrin ( @SKATD ) ( @grimmfest ) #filmtwitter

Written and Directed by Chad Ferrin, The Deep Ones takes its heart from the writings of HP Lovecraft and brings some of the legendary creations of the 19th century writer into the 21st century and he does it wonderfully. When a married couple rent a beautiful beach side Airbnb home, the think this is a dream trip away from their regular life.  However they soon learn that this house and they themselves are surrounded by some very peculiar neighbors and occurrences (which were in in this plot, id have checked out of the Airbnb pretty damn sharpish, but then there would be no movie) . They soon discover that they are in the grip of a mysterious cult and their ancient sea god (known as The Deep Ones)

I wasnt too familiar with the work of HP Lovecraft other than the films of Reanimator and to a certain extent John Carpenters In The Mouth Of Madness, so wasnt sure what to expect when entering The Deep Ones, and whilst I still class myself as not an expert on Lovecraft’s works, I know a little bit more than I did. The Deep Ones is a creepy film, filled out with some wonderful characters played by also wonderful actors (my favourites being Ambrose (played by Keli Maroney) a woman who seems to be crazy but is she really? , Russel (played by the wonderful Robert Miano) and Ingrid (played by Sylvia Spross) Those for me were the standouts (not to take anything away from the rest of the cast of course)

Chad Ferrin has not only crafted a wonderful story but has also taken that story and made it into an enticing, film that drags you in and keeps you there, long after the end credits have rolled.

If you arent familiar with any of the works by HP Lovecraft, then this would be a perfect entry point, and if you are, then this is a great addition to the Lovecraft inspired film that are out there.

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