Get ready to go on a ‘Revenge Ride’ ( @grimmfest ) #filmtwitter

Revenge Ride, is a perfect title to sum up this film by Melanie Aitkenhead.

A slick grindhouse style film that takes us into the world of Maggie (played by Serinda Swan) who on the outside is a super tough and ruthless member of the all-female Dark Moon motorcycle gang led by the merciless Trigga (played by Pollyanna McIntosh but who also has a wonderful tender side that for the most, she keeps hidden from the rest of her biker colleagues . After Maggie’s cousin  Mary (played by Vanessa Dubasso) is drugged and raped at a frat party, Maggie enlists the help of this vengeful biker to deal with the attackers, the only way they know how. 

Even though the running time is short (73 mins including credits) Revenge Ride still manages to deliver characters that stay with you long after the film has ended and has many layers and plot lines that flow together perfectly, and that is not only a testament to the actors themselves, but also of course the writing, direction and production of this great thriller.  The cast are indeed wonderful and many of them are actually real members of a biker gang which adds to the realism of the rape-revenge thriller and whilst we have seen many films in this ‘sub genre’ over the years, Revenge Ride is certainly not anywhere near gratuitous. The most unconformable scenes in the film are handled with care by director Melanie Aitkenhead, and of course with the acting skills of Jake Lockett ( Keegan) and Vanessa Dubasso (Mary)

Pollyanna McIntosh is (as always) on top form and without going into any form of spoilers at all, lights up the screen in her scenes.  It was thanks to Pollyanna that the film ended up on my ‘radar’ and once again Her choice in projects has not let me down. 

Revenge Ride is screening at this years Grimmfest (Virtual Edition) on Sunday, October 11th at 11pm. You can get your tickets here

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