Outlaws. Out Now on DVD and Demand by Altitude Film Entertainment ( @AltitudeFilms )

OUTLAWS was released on DVD, VOD and EST on 18th February 2019 by Altitude Film Entertainment

We are dropped in to the world of ‘Outlaws’ with a beautiful shot of a large biker gang travelling up a motorway which then cuts to a wounded man rushing up the house of someone he knows. There is no slow beginning to this feature debut of director Stephen McCallum.

We are dropped straight into the world of the Copperheads, a tough Australian motorcycle gang who you wouldn’t want to annoy anytime soon.

After a heroin theft involving a rival gang (The Devils) , a violent power struggle threatens to tear the Copperhead motorcycle gang apart and  in this gritty crime thriller featuring stars of Wolf Creek 2 and The Neon Demon, and from the makers of Black Mass and the fantastic UK film Ill Manors we see the chaos that a simple action can result in.People will get hurt, relationships shattered and bullets will fly.

There will of course be lots of comparison to the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy and whilst both films feature biker gangs, drug deals, gun battles and inhouse fighting. Outlaws is its own thing and sits perfectly on its own kick stand,.

Following the bleak, unforgiving path of recent Australian crime classics Animal Kingdom and Snowtown and Chopper, OUTLAWS (previously known as 1%) is a brash and brutal crime thriller about loyalty and revenge and by no means less brutal or tough as those films. WIthout giving any spoilers away there are some fantastically tense scenes in the film including a beautifully shot scene that involves a gun shot which leaves you wondering the outcome.

Ryan Corr, who was put through hell in Wolf Creek 2, is plunged into another maelstrom here as would-be biker king Paddo. A bulked-up Matt Nable (Ra’s al Ghul from the TV series Arrow), who also co-wrote the film, is brilliantly menacing as Knuck, the gang leader who wants to reclaim his crown from the young upstart he left in charge. Abbey Lee, fast becoming a screen favourite with iconic roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and cult hit The Neon Demon, steals the show as the sly and scheming Lady Macbeth figure who tempts Paddo to take over. Her scenes have you transfixed and instantly under her command when she is onscreen.

However in this 90 minute film, when you get to the end credits, you realise that you wanted to see more of the characters, more of this world, more of this story, but thats not a bad thing. It means that the film had you hooked for its duration (and it did), But the film has ended, its told its story, the actors and cast and crew have done what they set out to do. To entertain for the films running time. A job well done!

Many thanks to those involved in the film, you have made my afternoon

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