Theyre Outside, a fun engaging tale about a creepy local legend ‘Green Eyes’ that holds the town in its grip #filmtwitter @frightfest #movies

Max Spencer, a YouTube celebrity psychologist, host of the show ‘Psychology-Inside/Out’, sets himself the challenge of getting an intensely agoraphobic woman to leave her home in just ten days. However, as the minutes, hours and seconds count down, a creepy local legend about the black magic practicing Green Eyes that holds the town in its grip, starts to become a horrifying reality…

With a great cast featuring Emily Booth(Evil Aliens, Doghouse) , Nicholas Vince ( Hellraiser, Nightbreed) , Tom Clayton-Wheatley (Mamma mia:Here We Go Again) , Chrissy Randall ( 9 Full Moons) and Brad Moore ( Golden Years), They’re Outside is a horror film in the mockumentary style that certainly delivers a wonderfully enjoyable film featuring a whole range of unique characters, some of whom you will like, and some of  who you might take a while to adjust to, but all are performed wonderfully by the actors on screen.  The film does hang on whether you are a fan of the mockumentary/documentary style of film making though and for those who love it, youll have a ton of fun with this film, however if you really arent a fan of the hand held camera style, then this film may not do much to change that opinion. That aside, the cast and crew of the film have done a wonderful job crafting the film together using not just the camera style, but also some beautiful artwork and a nice use of onscreen graphics from time to time.

The film and performances by the cast also do a great job of keeping you on edge throughout the film, and this ranges from not know whats going to happen, to making you feel socially uncomfortable when it comes to some of the characters dialogue to other characters in the film. its a lovely added to touch.  from its opening scenes, (especially those involving Nicholas Vince, who is instantly likeable and grabs your attention) the film is a fun journey through the near 90 minute run time and is definitely worth checking out.




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